mark roble

WMATA Interface Redesign


WMATA is the second largest transit system in the US, and is in desperate need of an update to its payment kiosks.

WMATA Interface Redesign

UI/UX Design


bringing the Metro interface into the 21st Century

Instead of having riders fumble with cash and change, trying to navigate complicated machines, and not knowing which line leads where, "Interface" is a project designed to eliminate these problems, and give riders on WMATA a much more fluent experience. Starting from redesigned and updated Metro kiosks, this project includes a full package with a matching smartphone app that will allow users to add money to their SmarTrip cards instantly, instead of having to wait in long lines at stations and get where they need to quicker.




app interface: add value


app interface: history


app interface: map


kiosk mockup


kiosk interface